London-based French duo Zoe Imber and Romain Parize founded Homefolks in 2020.
Led by a narrative approach to design, the studio developed a cross-disciplinary practice that blurs the boundaries between design and art.

Rooted in the creative duo’s personal stories, the Homefolks collection is shaped instinctively, composing a refined library of collectible objects and furniture.
Each Homefolks piece is designed as a functional sculpture, conveying a sense of balance and permanency.

Celebrating traditional craftsmanship and rarefied savoir-faire – from woodturning to metalsmithing and glass blowing – the collection is meticulously produced both in the Homefolks atelier and together with master artisans.

Homefolks strives to create enduring, meaningful objects of exceptional quality whilst writing their story in a conscious way, by offering made to order products and working with sustainably sourced materials.


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