Soaked wood, cracking ropes,
Silver waves.
Islands to reach. stories to tell,
New shapes to draw.
Deep breath.
Sail as a blank canvas.
Horizon, wide open.

In line with a year of experimentation and a stopover in the journey depicted in their last campaign Horizons, Homefolks presented The Pier, an ephemeral showroom on Fish Island for London Design Festival 2022.
Through an immersive sea-inspired installation, the Homefolks sculptural collection of objects and furniture interacted with a specially commissioned series by photographer Edvinas Bruzas, creating open windows on captivating sea views.
Designed as a space to reset and wander, The Pier offered a quiet sanctuary in vibrant and eclectic East London, by the canal, with boats and swans as only neighbours.

Reflecting the dancing surface of the water, the calm, serene setting invited visitors to explore a creative dialogue between two story-led practices, and experience a moment suspended in time.